In-Play Trading Tips

The introduction of in-play betting has seen a huge development in trading as a whole.  Initially, you could only place a bet before an event started and was forced to sit it out until the end.  Now in-play betting means you can do more.

It is now possible to place a bet before an event begins and place additional bets or close the bet before the event has ended.  In addition, you can now place a bet during an event, which brings with it a whole host of new opportunities.

Betfair is one of the major players when it comes to in-play trading but what can you do to give yourself the best chance of making a profit?

Read on for some of the best in-play trading strategies.

Football Trading

Football is one of the most popular sports for trading.  There is often good liquidity on most of the games in major leagues and a wealth of in-play markets.  This makes football a prime sport for in-play trading strategies, some of which are simple to follow if you take your time to understand them.

Laying the Draw

Laying the draw is one of the most popular in-play trading strategies, especially on football.  The reason being, it is easy to understand and good for beginners.

Look for matches which are level at half-time but involve a team who need to win and lay the draw.  A team could need a win to avoid relegation or stay in the title race.  The more one team need to push for a goal, the more likely there will be a goal, at either end of the pitch.

If you lay the draw, you need one team to win, it does not matter which team.  If the underdog has a history of scoring on the counter-attack or from set-pieces this is even better as it increases the chances of a goal at either end of the pitch.

The alternative way to do this would be to lay the draw before the match started.  Once the first goal has been scored, the odds for the draw will move out and you can cash out.  You can see a more detailed example here (link to laying the draw article).

Correct Score

In-play trading using the correct score market can involve both potentially high scoring and low scoring matches.  You can bet on a range of score lines before the game starts by dutching.  You can bet on scores with 2 or more goals for a match you believe will be high scoring or bet on scores with 2 or fewer goals for potentially low scoring games.

Depending on how the score is looking at half-time and into the second half, you can trade out to make a profit.  You can see this in more detail here (link to correct score article).

Back the Favourite

Not every game initially goes to plan and sometimes the favourite can fall a goal behind.  If the favourite falls 1-0 down inside 60 minutes, especially if they are playing at home, that is the time to back the favourite in-play.

If the favourite scores a quick equaliser, you can cash out for a profit.  There is always the risk there will be no further goals or the underdog will score again.  In this scenario, you must be prepared to cash out at a loss or let the bet run as a gamble if the favourite does not score before 70 minutes.

Alternatively, you can make the same trade but split your initial stake between backing the favourite and the correct score, using the correct score strategy highlighted above.  This works even better if you can take advantage of a free bet on the correct score strategy.

Horse Racing Trading

Despite the rise in betting on football and tennis, horse racing remains one of the most popular sports for betting.  There are many in-play horse racing strategies to follow and below you will find one of the most popular strategies.

Horse racing remains one of the most popular sports for betting.  There are many in-play horse racing strategies to follow and below you will find one of the most popular strategies.

Back to Lay

Backing a horse at a high price before the race starts then and laying it during the race is a popular system.  To do this, you ideally need to see the horses in the parade ring before the race and identify the one which looks likely to lead from the off.  Alternatively, you can use an online resource to find potential front-runners.

When the race begins the price for the horse in-front should continue to shorten and you can lay the bet before it gets caught to guarantee a profit.  You need to judge the best time to lay the horse during the race and if it does not take the lead, you must cash out quickly and minimise your loss.

Other in-play horse racing strategies include laying the field and pre-race scalping.

Tennis Trading

As mentioned above, tennis is one of the most popular sports for betting.  It ranks in the top five for the most bet on sports in the world and there is a wealth of markets to enjoy, including the one below. 

Losing the First Set

Look out for when a favourite loses the first set in a women’s match, especially in a Grand Slam.  It requires two sets to win a match in women’s tennis so the need is urgent for a player who falls one set down.

When a favourite does 1-0 down in sets, you can back them to win the match.  If they do go on to perform better, as expected and take the next set you can lay the same player as their odds drop.  When timed properly, this will guarantee a profit.

This in-play trading strategy is best used in the early rounds of major tournaments such as the Grand Slam events.  The top players are seeded and will be playing against lower quality opposition in the first few rounds.  Sometimes, the seeded player just takes a while to find her stride and loses the first set.

You must monitor the matches and pounce as soon as the opportunity becomes available.

In-play trading strategies are there to help you have the best possible chance of making a profit.  When certain events happen in a match or race, this can lead to a guaranteed profit in some cases but you must always be prepared for making a loss. 

Remain disciplined, learn the in-play trading strategies and practice before using real money.

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