How Does an Accumulator Work?

One of the great things about football betting is the choice of markets available. Whether it be an English Premier League or the Norwegian Eliteserien, you will always find a vast selection of betting markets on offer.
One such football betting market is an accumulator bet.
What is an accumulator also know as a “footy accumulators” bet and how does it work?

Accumulator Bet Explained

An accumulator bet is when you combine two or more football bets to make one complete bet these are also referred to as a footy acca. The first thing to make clear is various bookmakers may have different rules about the number of bets they need to qualify as an accumulator bet.

For example, Ladbrokes state they will accept two or more bets to make up an accumulator whereas Betfair needs more to make an accumulator bet.

How Does an Accumulator Work?

Do not let this put you off. If you add two or more 1×2 football bets to your betting slip at any good online bookmaker, they will automatically combine the two in your betting slip. Doing this will allow you to bet on both outcomes at different odds the bookmaker has calculated.
As each match or ‘leg’ in your bet is a winner, your potential winnings accumulate, hence the term ‘accumulator’.
So, to place an accumulator bet, you just need to add two or more football betting markets to your slip. 1×2 betting is the most popular form of football accumulator betting, and the best way to see it in action is to look at an example.
Let’s take a look at the 2018/19 Champions League round of 16 games. We can back the following outcomes as individual bets:
Porto to win at 21/20
Real Madrid to win at 13/20
PSG to win at 1/2
Bayern Munich vs Liverpool draw at 27/10
If you placed at £10 bet on each of those games individually your potential winnings would be:


The total potential payout is £89.00 for a £40 stake.
But, if we combine the bets together as an accumulator, the total odds for all four outcomes is 18.77, and a £10 bet on that would return £187.70. All the bookmaker does is multiply the odds together to come up with the new odds for the accumulator.
Taking the example above, if we changed all the odds to decimal for each game we now have the following:


Multiply these numbers together, and you get 18.772875, which the bookmaker will round to give your odds of 18.77. You will never need to work out these accumulator odds yourself as the online bookmaker will do it for you. However, it is always wise to double check by doing your own maths to ensure you are getting the correct odds before you bet.
So, you stand to make £98.70 more profit by placing an accumulate bet than you would if you bet £10 on each game individually.
You can include two games or ten games in an accumulator bet, the choice is yours.

Advantages of Accumulators “footy acca.”

The most significant advantage and the reason many people choose to place an accumulator is that it can increase the odds dramatically on a selection of football bets you were going to make anyway. Taking the example above, you must place £40 in total to cover each individual bet for total potential winnings of £89. However, you can bet £10 on one accumulator bet and win £187.90.
The main advantage of accumulators becomes very clear, the odds become much more significant and so do the potential winnings.
You will struggle to find high odds on the outcome of individual football matches and accumulator bets solve that problem by combining two or more games into one bet at higher odds. This is especially true for games in which you are betting on the favourites, and as individual bets, the potential winnings are slim.
The second advantage of placing an accumulator bet is the excitement it can bring to an otherwise mundane set of fixtures. You may have little interest in the outcome of any of the games in the Champions League example above but place an accumulator bet, all of sudden you are very interested in the result of the games.

Disadvantages of Accumulators

The potential winnings of an accumulator make them very exciting, but there is one main drawback when it comes to placing an accumulator you must be aware of before you start.
If one match does not produce the desired result, your whole accumulator bet loses. Taking the example above, Porto, Real Madrid and PSG all win their games, but Bayern Munich defeats Liverpool. Despite having three correct outcomes, the final match was wrong, and you lose the bet.
It may seem unfair that you have correctly predicted three of the four results and still lose the bet, but that’s the risk you take when placing an accumulator bet. The odds look fantastic the more football matches you add to the bet but the higher the risk the bet will lose.

Using Accumulator Promotions

Thankfully, there is a way around it, and it involves the accumulator offers which they promote at some online bookmakers. These are usually in the form of receiving your money back as a free bet if one of your selections lets you down.
Always read the small print on these promotions as they usually set a limit on the number of selections you must have in place for the bet to qualify. This can be 5 selections or higher in some cases.
However, if you are planning on placing an accumulator bet, the anguish of one result letting you down will ease when you receive a free bet.
You can use a free bet offer on a footy accumulator matched betting like a standard free bet offer. But you must lay each outcome of the bet in sequence, and the matches cannot overlap for it to work. This can be very tricky and is best left to experienced gamblers.

Now you know how an accumulator bet works, you can have fun using this exciting betting market. Remember, always check the bookmaker rules before taking advantage of any accumulator offers.

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