Football Accumulators – Top 10 Biggest Wins

With the possibility of winning big from just a small stake, football accumulators are very popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. And while these big wins are not great news for bookmakers, they can certainly use them to their advantage, releasing stories about the enormous gains to entice people in to give it a go.

Here are the top 10 biggest football wins to date:

Football Accumulators – Top 10 Biggest Wins
  1. £5 on 9,172/1 odds – Punter Kyle Jordan placed a six-fold accumulator on results of certain premier league games in 2015/16. With five games played and won, it was down to the last bet – Everton to beat West Brom, both sides scoring. Everton was not playing ball until a last-minute goal from Romelu Lukaku saved the day, netting Jordan £45,000.
  2. £49.50 on 1070/1 odds – An anonymous better placed £49.50 on a 22-match accumulator at the end of the 2015/16 season. Things were going well but just 15 minutes before Barcelona kicked off against Real Sociedad the better cashed in, netting £53,000. Had he stuck with it Barcelona’s loss would have given him a £0 return.
  3. £2 on 46,000/1 – A daring 14 team bet was placed by Dean Clay in February 2015. The 13th game nearly saw an unfortunate defeat, but a 93rd-minute goal saved things. The final result needed to be was a draw, and it was a close one that left the better waiting until almost the last minute. Clay thought he had won £69,000, but a bookmaker’s bonus saw him walk away with £92,000.
  4. £5.05 on 22,970/1 – George Wood was such a confident punter that he spent £17,000 of his winning before the last match in his 10- match accumulator was played! The 9th game was played on 4th October, and he had to wait until 17th October for the final one. Wood netted £116,00 and promised to invest it wisely.
  5. £1 on 169,923/1 odds – The luckiest person on the list – this punter scooped £170,000 in his first week of betting. He placed just 8 bets in total and didn’t even realise he had won! It’s just as well he hadn’t really been following the games – the last one was in the last seconds when the goal came!
  6. £100 on 2000/1 odds – Nobody expected Leicester City to win the premier league in 2015/16, but one punter stuck with them, although only from part way through the season. His perseverance netted him £200,000 one of the biggest pay-outs in betting history.
  7. £2.50 on 108,800/1 odds – The biggest payment ever made by Ladbrokes made 2011 started very well for this punter when they won £272,000. The bet was a 9-match accumulator, and the final match was a nail-biting finale with an 85th-minute goal levelling the score and netting the draw that was needed. The punter was £272,000 richer as a result.
  8. 30p at 1,666,666/1 odds – In August 2000 an unnamed punter placed a 15-event accumulator. They correctly precited the winners of the top five English leagues, three Scottish divisions, Rugby Union champions and the county championship winners in the cricket, the last match needed a Champions League win from Bayern Munich, and it ended up penalties, but the punter netted £500,000.
  9. 80p on 683,738/1 odds – A 19-match accumulator placed by a football fan in Malta who never bet more than €1 at a time won £585,000 in 2011 when the Chelsea vs Liverpool game saw a final goal scored just 3 minutes before the whistle.
  10. £100 on 6542/1 odds – This punter splashed £100 on games already in play where the teams were losing. There were just 20 minutes left to play when this Londoner placed their bet. The final result was a 91st-minute goal which netted a cool £650,000 for the punter.

For more crazy predictions we have a video for you here showing the Biggest winners with skills that beat odds.

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